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Unknown Scathophaga from Mull of Kintyre

I have been unable to identify a male swept from "beach edge" by Andrew Halstead on 17/06/2005 at Wesport Dunes, Macrihinish (NR655261) on the west coast of the Mull of Kintyre. Whilst it seems to belongs to the group of sea coast species around S. litorea / S. calida (with a bare arista and hairy pteropleuron) of which there are many more around the coasts of Greenland, Canada and the Russian arctic, it does not appear to key out in Hackman (1956)[1] or Gorodkov (1984)[2] . I cannot find anything similar amongst the non-British material of the NHM or the other museums where I have checked. It ought to be readily recognisable by the clothing of white, rather wooly hair and the very sharply defined yellow tips to the dark femora (recalling Conisternum tinctinerve). I have visited the area on two subsequent occasions (although both times, somewhat later in the season) but have not found any more specimens.


  1. Godfrey, A., 1989. Norellia spinipes in London. British Journal of Entomology and Natural History, 2, p.63.
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